Bike Check: James

So I just got a new frame and I thought it would be a good time to start a series of bike checks for the local crew.

I rode a chrome frame as a kid and have wanted one ever since I got back into riding. After much drooling over other people’s LTFs I pulled the trigger and ordered one from Shad at Goods.

The photos really do not do this bike justice. It is a beautiful thing. I can honestly say I now own three of the nicest bikes I have ever ridden. So stoked.

Frame: S&M LTF / 19.5″ TT
Forks: Odyssey Flat Forks
Stem: Dragonfly Doozer
Bars: Fit Inman’s
Grips: Odyssey Thumb Tacks
Bar Ends: Bizhouse
Cranks: Profile Flatland Cranks (150mm) / FSA Ti Spindle / Ti Hardware
Pedals: Ares 88 Plastic Pedal
Sprocket: RNC 28t Titanium (Custom machined)
Chain: KMC
Seatpost: MacNeil
Seat: MacNeil Pivitol
Seatclamp: S&M
Rims (front/back): Odyssey Duralecta Rims (48H)
Rear Hub: Nankai Technolite Freecoaster (11t with Quamen Cap)
Front Hub: DK
Pegs: Spry
Tires: Odyssey Freq G’s
Front Brake: Odyssey Evo
Rear Brake: Hombre
Levers: Odyssey MonoLevers (medium)
Gyro: Snafu

James LTF

James LTF

James LTF

  • Jeremy

    Where did you get chrome flat forks?! That is a sweet retro ride…

  • James

    I got them from FlatlandFuel about 5 or 6 years ago.