Enjoy the Trick Video Picks: Anthony Buglio

Continuing our look at local riders favorite videos here is Anthony’s pick.

“I chose this short trailer by Anthony Crespo for the Austin Crew’s upcoming video not for the riding clips (in fact it’s well over a minute before you see any), but because, very simply, it’s got me excited to see the full length. If the trailer is any indication of what the full length will be, this promises to be something approaching what the Dorkin’ series was: a glimpse into a legendary riding scene.”Anthony Buglio

The O.G. Trailer from Anthony Crespo on Vimeo.

I shot my first video of the O.G. almost five years ago. I came back to visit after being in NY for two years focusing on my career. I wanted to experiment with my camera and see how I’ve progress in my skills as a filmmaker in the past years. This is the outcome. I hope you all enjoy.