FlatWebTV Episode #12

Congrats to the lads over at FlatWebTV on their 12th episode. It is hard to believe that they have been doing this for a year now. Nice work fellas. Here’s to another year of flatland goodness.


FlatWebTV Episode #12: Top 3 Edits from 2011, FWTV Rider of the Year, Why You Love Flatland and more from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.

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In this, the 12th and final episode of season 1, we give a well-deserved shout out to Effraim and FlatMatters for 3 great years of documenting, sharing and progressing. We countdown our Top 3 Flat Edits of 2011. Our Rider of the Year award is given out and we find out just why you all love flatland. December’s events and of course the December Jimmy Kibbons Shout Out round out the show.

Special thanks to all of the riders who submitted videos for this episode. And of course thanks to everyone for watching us during season 1. See you all in 2012!


Top 3 Videos

1. Church of Pedro, by Jim Newrick – http://vimeo.com/28177507

2. 17403, by hate5six – http://vimeo.com/26746760

3. Moto Sasaki “10 Pedal”, by 3edgeworks – http://vimeo.com/27708146

Rider of the Year

Martti Kuoppa


December Jimmy Kibbons Shout Out

Costa Rica Flatland Crew







  • James

    Note from Anthony via Facebook:

    Hi Everyone

    We need to make a retraction regarding our latest episode (and apologize to the One Love BMX crew). I erroneously referred to the upcoming One Love Jam as the “Zuma Jam.” While the event will take place at Zuma Beach, it shouldn’t be confused with the old “Zuma Jams.” The One Love Jam is an entirely unique event with a host of great BMX sponsors. For all the correct information please head to onelovebmx.com. Apologies to the One Love BMX crew for getting it wrong.