Freestyle5 Episode 1


So here we are; the great moment we have only mentioned a few times; the very first episode
of Freestyle5. What is Freeestyle5 you say? Well it’s everything bmx; flatland, vert, dirt, street, park, and
whatever else you can create with your little kids bicycles. Freestyle5 encompasses all of these areas in
a 15 minute web show, where we discuss the latest and greatest web edits, products, and events. There
are interviews with those who make it happen in bmx; including riders, videographers, artists, and more.

Now that you have an idea for the amazing show you are about to watch let’s give you a brief
summary of what you can expect in this first episode. Along with discussions and breakdowns of the
latest and greatest web edits like Mike Escamilla’s “This is United” section, Haro’s “Chile 8mm” edit,
and the adventurous We the people trip to Mexico “Southbound and Down”, you also get an in depth
interview with Chester Blacksmith about the We the People trip and all the trials and tribulations that
went along with it. Also on the docket is a look at the new Vans / Cult collaborating grip and a quick look
at an event for a worthy cause coming up soon in Portland, OR.

So sit back, relax, crack a beer (root beer for the age deprived), and enjoy the show, because it is
only going to get better and better…

Mark Rainha