Justin Hoey’s bike check

Ya know I have had a lot of bikes over the years but never really had one that I really loved when I ride it. Most of the bikes that I have had have always been built from all the parts that I had laying around and not something that was built up the way I really wanted. For me this is the bike that I have always wanted to build but just couldn’t because of one reason or another. When I pick up this bike and pedal off for my first combo I can’t help but smile.

Bike Specs:

Frame: SickChild Metropolitan/ 18.75″ TT
Forks: Odyssey Flat Forks
Stem: Camacura 26
Bars: Odyssey Chase 7.5”
Grips: Odyssey Thumb Tacks / Black
Bar Ends: Odyssey Plastic
Cranks: Odyssey Polished Phat widows 165mm
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC / White
Sprocket: Unknown 26t
Chain: KMC Lime Green
Seatpost: Thompson Elite / Black
Seat: KHE Plastic / White
Seatclamp: S&M
Rims (front/back): Odyssey Hazard Light White / Alienation Skylark White
Rear Hub: KHE Geisha Light
Front Hub: Odyssey Vanderos 2
Pegs: Spry Ti
Tires: Odyssey Freq G’s
Front Brake: Gold DiaTech
Levers: DiaComp Tech77