Portland Summer Flatland Jam 2011

So another jam has come and gone. It was a beautiful Saturday here in Portland and there was a great turnout for the jam. Over 30 riders came out to participate and despite the heat lots of riding went down.

Everyone that came out got a jam t-shirt and we had gift bags with lots of goodies from our sponsors to hand out. Fish Johnson walked away with a brand new set of Primo cranks after winning the B.I.K.E. contest.

I will be posting more photos and videos this week. For now check out Jared Souney’s blog, www.jaredsouney.com, he has some nice photos and a video posted up there.

A big thank you to all the people that came out to the jam, our sponsors (see below) and all the locals that made it possible.

This was the last jam that Joe and I will be putting together.  Justin and Anthony will be taking over from here and I know they are going to do an amazing job. Good luck to them. A big thank you to Joe for all the work he has put into these jams over the years. He has done a great job.


Group shot

Fish eating his cranks

Joe with the jam shirt

Jam goodies

A big  thank you to our sponsors for their support and generosity

Animal (http://animalbikes.com/)
Bike Gallery (http://www.bikegallery.com/)
FlatlandFuel (http://flatlandfuel.com/)
Goods BMX (http://goodsbmx.com/)
Hoffman Bikes (http://hoffmanbikes.com/)
Lotek (http://lotekbrand.com/)
Primo (http://primobmx.com/)
Profile Racing (http://profileracing.com/)
SE Bikes (http://www.sebikes.com/)
Solid Bikes (http://www.solidbmx.com/)

 The Likely Lads