Scooters and Vespas

Slow week around here. Nothing new there. Found these two video gems this week. Enjoy the silliness.

Ride the bowl with a Vespa from JC Pieri on Vimeo.

It’s pretty logical to ride a skatepark with a bmx, a skateboard or rollerblades but Boulon is a special guy from Marseille In France who rides the legendary bowl of Marseille with his Vespa. everyone who got the chance to see Boulon riding the bowl is stocked and doens’t understand how to ride with a vespa.

Enjoy this video cause his riding is really original 🙂

filmed & edited
by JC Pieri

filmed with a Canon 7D
– Canon fisheye 15mm f2.8
– Samyang 8mm
– Canon 75-300mm Macro f1.4
– Canon 50mm f1.8
– Canon Macro 100mm

Softwares: adobe premiere pro CS5 / after effect CS5 / twixtor plug-in

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