Summer Jam 2012 Video

It has taken us a while to put the jam video together but here it is. We were hoping to have more footage of the riding that went down this year but we have had some technical problems converting one of the tapes that has a lot of the riding footage. Hopefully we will figure it out some time soon and post another video.

A big thank you to Mark Rainha for filming and editing the video. I think he did a great job. Thank you to Anthony, Bruce, Justin and Mark for filming all day.

This will be the last jam I will be involved in as an organizer. I really don’t think I can top this years moustache and hat. It has been a great ride. I would like to thank all the riders, spectators, family, friends, and sponsors that have made these jams such wonderful events. Finally a big, big thank you to Joe who puts his heart and soul into these jams. Without him they would not happen.

I hope the Portland Summer and Winter jams will continue on long after I have hung up my Loteks.

Enjoy the Video.