Tabletops Are Cool

Here’s a classic photo of Bret busting out a tabletop at the Bristol’s ramp about 20 years ago.



I was messing around with the image this morning and came up with this.

Bret Again!

  • Jeremy

    This must have been after the half was cut down? Jeez, he looks the same. This could have been yesterday. I have some great memories of that half and riding flatland in the tennis courts with quite a few riders. That was a great time to be riding (I lived with my mom, of course).

  • Bret Hadley

    Yup, that was after they cut one side down. I sure don’t feel old, but jeez the time flies! Did you notice no pegs? That was when I was just doing a little street and dirt with Marty. Good times. Found the picture recently and James was kind enough to post it.

  • joe in portland

    Groundhog always had nice tables,such a good ramp.I think Bret was the only one without a mullet at that ramp…joe