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And finally…The Summer Jam 2011 Video

I hope you have enjoyed watching the videos from past jams over the last couple of weeks. I have had a lot of fun revisiting these and it has got me really excited for the Summer Jam. I hope you will all come out and make this jam the best one yet.

Our sponsors really stepped up last year and sent us so much good stuff. Without their support and generosity the jams would just not be the same. A big thank you to all the companies that helped us out last year.

Animal (
Bike Gallery (
FlatlandFuel (
Goods BMX (
Hoffman Bikes (
Lotek (
Primo (
Profile Racing (
SE Bikes (
Solid Bikes (

I seem to remember that I had a few whiskeys before we shot this. Apologies for my rambling thank you.

Enjoy The Trick 2011 from mark rainha on Vimeo.