The Community Project

We have some exciting news. Enjoy the Trick is now part of The Community Project. We had a great run with this website and want to send out a big thank you to all the people and companies that have supported us over the years. There are some exciting plans in the works and we can’t wait to share them with you over on The Community Project website.

Here’s what Mark Rainha, founder of The Community Project, has to say about this new endeavor.

Building a Community

The idea behind Community came from wanting a palette to show not only my own work, but the work of the vast amount of people who inspire us all everyday, on and off the bike. So many of us living our lives with two wheels under us find ourselves expressing ourselves through many different mediums; Photographers, Videographers, Web Designers, Illustrators, builders, etc.. Finding an outlet through riding bikes has motivated many of us to take to these mediums, but always coming back to the thing that brings us together, Bmx.

This idea has come to be after many years and we are glad to bring some unique content to you, showcasing the types of people I mentioned above. You will find original event coverage, interviews, retrospectives, and much more coming soon to the site. With so many different authors and creators involved you will find many different perspectives delivered in the content. Much as our new DIY video shows, Each person has the ability to express themselves with a very personal style, but we do this  as a community of like minded individuals supporting each other and inspiring progression.

So join the community, support others and see the incredible things they are producing on and off the bike. Help point us towards some of your own work or other people who inspire you. This site will be a conduit for the creative in all of us. Stay tuned and remember, the community built by the masses.