Van City Flatland Jam 2011

Video by Cole Chalmer

Here’s what he had to say about the video and jam.

I tagged along with my friend Quinn to a Flatland bmx jam in Vancouver, British Columbia. I know nothing about flatland, I’m a street/dirt rider. All I know is it’s hella impressive what these guys do and this video does absolutely no justice to the skills these guys have.

Flatland is hard to shoot, especially in a jam format like this. I had no idea who to be filming and wether or not they were going to do something mellow or gnarly and wether or not they were going to complete the whole line (line? is that what you’d call it in flatland? i dunno).

Not sure what happened to the audio in this video, but the music sounds terrible to me.

I’d love to make it out again next year if they do it again and maybe breakout the wide angle and get a little closer.

Filmed on Nikon D7000 w/ 70-300

Song: Tor – The Dress Looks Nice on You/Make You Feel That Way (Sufjan Stevens/Gift of Gab Mash-up)

Photos from the day are on my flickr