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FlatWebTV 17: The almost British episode

FlatWebTV continues to go from strength to strength. The interview with Effraim is a must see and there is a chance to win a one of a kind Jungle Rider frame.

FlatWebTV 17: The almost British episode, JoMoPro Results, and Jungle Rider giveaway from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.

In this slightly British episode of FlatWebTV we interview British ex-pat John Yull and UK Flat godfather Effraim Catlow. JoMoPro results come in and we outline the special Jungle Rider frame giveaway. Enjoy!

JoMoPro Videos are courtesy of

John Yull videos
3 Year edit

Effraim Catlow videos
3 Year edit
TGM Jam Clips

Contest Rules:

The contest to win the blue 19.5" Jungle Rider Holiday frame is easy. Simply find out who the first two pro riders to be interviewed on FlatWebTV were, go to, click on the "contact us" link and write those two names in an email along with your complete contact details (name, address, phone number). Winner will be chosen during the taping of the June 2012 episode.

1. Only one entry per person.
2. Entry is free
3. Entries must be submitted by May 25, 2012 (12am PST).
4. Winner will not pay any costs associated with obtaining the frame