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Freestyle 5 Episode #6

Episode 6 is here, the second of 2012. We take a look at the skills and insane hop Dakota Roche has in the recent Cinema Wheels edit. Also, late breaking edits and news that needs atttention. First up is the 40th birthday of The Condor, Mat Hoffman. Thats right kids, 40 years old and still puts all of us in awe. As a thank you for everyone’s birthday wishes Mat posted a short two trick run on youtube. This isn’t to be taken lightly, since those tricks include a 540 tab into a flair. Not your average run. Second is a call to action for some trails that are on the chopping block. We go over a quick edit of Mike Cottle and discuss the impending trouble at Florida’s Casselberry Trails. Just as a quick point the city of Casselberry is sticking the land owners and locals with code violations and hiding behind nonsense environmental accusations as reason to plow the trails. The locals are fighting it and looking for help. So check out the edit, then go to for more edits and links to a petition and other news about the trails. But for now hit play and enjoy..

Links for this weeks show:

Dakota Roche / Cinema Bmx edit

Mat Hoffman / Bday edit

CasselBerry Trails / Mike Cottle / Sputnic edit

Freestyle5 E6: Dakota Roche, Mat Hoffman, Casselberry Trails from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.