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Enjoy the Trick Video Picks: Justin Hoey

Posting the Chad DeGroot video last week got me thinking about web videos. There are so many BMX videos being posted on the web these days that I feel like some of them fall through the cracks and are forgotten. While you watch the latest video another one is being posted.

So as a tribute to all the great web videos out there and the hard work that goes into them I am going to feature some of our local riders favorite web video picks. To get things started here is Justin Hoey’s pick.

Here’s what Justin had to say about his pick, “Adam Kun – Monster welcome edit 2010 HD“:

“There are a lot of things that I love about this edit. 1st off Adam Kun just completely kills it with all of his strong links. 2nd Sevisual really knows how to create some compelling video, with his professional camera work, and clean editing style. 3rd it is always good to see big name companies supporting flatland.” – Justin Hoey

What are some of your favorite web videos?