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Eugene Jam: June 19th, 2010

Looks like Jeremy and Sonny are organizing a Eugene Jam for June 19th. I am stoked to see another NW jam being put together. Here’s the latest on the jam from Sonny:

“We’ve got the location narrowed down to 2 locations (both are more than adequate). I just checked out the second one today. lit, indoors, flat, and big! 🙂 It’s attached to an indoor sk8park on tennis court surface. a bit slow, but consistent. the 1st choice is a big, lit asphalt area under a bridge. probably less rules, but definitely more bums. I’m gonna call on Monday to see what I’ll have to pay for the indoor facility — -We’ll try to keep everyone posted”

Check back here or join the Pacific NW Riders group on Elephant Glide for more info.

And don’t forget the Seattle Jam is on May 8th. Go to Global-Flat for details and updates.