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Bret’s One Wheeler/Unbike

Bret probably has one of the nicest one wheelers out there. He loves this thing and it is so fun to watch him bust out on it. Bret and his one wheeler will be at the jam on Saturday. Come out, watch him kill it and then have a go yourself.

Here’s what he had to say about his pride and joy:

“I remember reading the comic strip called “BC” when I was a kid. One of the caveman characters rode around town on a stone wheel with a stick through it. Who knew that years later I’d build my own version? Anyway here are the specs for my one wheeler:”

Bars: old Odyssey 4 piece
Grips: Ritchey true grips
Bar Ends: Odyssey
Stem: Odyssey Elementary
Fork: Odyssey flat fork
Hub: Suzue unsealed high flange 48
Spokes: Ti
Nipples: gold alloy
Rim: G-sport rib cage chrome 48
Pegs: Spry
Tire: Odyssey Chase
Brake: Dia-tech Hombre
Lever: Shimano XT
Stem pad: Cut up piece of old shin pad

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